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What is iGuard?

iGuard is a total financial solution specifically designed to address the needs of international investors.

iGuard combines the expertise of three leading institutions: Guardian Wealth Management providing you with advice & financial planning; Smart Investment Management (SIM) with over 40 years’ experience in Discretionary Fund Management, and Praemium who provide the award winning technology. 

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The investment process - Guardian work with you to design your perfect financial plan


A quantitative test to understand your psychological approach to investment risk


A range of Model Portfolios built independently and designed in line with your personal risk matrix


Your model is managed daily with direct reporting via the award winning portal
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Discretionary service for a fraction of the cost

Historically Discretionary Management was provided by stockbrokers, private banks or fund managers on a bespoke basis where every portfolio was slightly different and tailored to individual needs. This service required large initial lump sums and were often very expensive; reserved more the elite investor

"With iGuard’s model portfolios, you receive the same level of bespoke service instead using technology to make changes to every model on behalf of every client with a simple click of a button. "

At a glance

  1. Actively managed multi-asset portfolio designed to deliver the maximum returns for your accepted level of volatility.
  2. A range of both Model Portfolios and Funds, designed to match your attitude to risk.
  3. A range of Protected Funds for the more cautious investor.
  4. Available in Euro, Sterling and US dollar
  5. Clear, competitive fees giving your savings the best chance to grow
  6. Award winning platform technology and Investor Portal
  7. Funds held in the safety and security of Jersey, a UK Crown dependency
  8. Dynamic active management of your investments with regular reporting and commentary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

When you open your iGuard account you give permission to a team of experienced investment professionals to manage your portfolio and make changes to it without the need to tell you in advance.

You can invest in a range of currencies and your portfolio will be managed in line with your investment objectives and tolerance for risk. Should the Manager need to make a change, the platform technology allows them to make just one switch which changes across all clients invested in that Model.

You will have regular meetings with your advisor to review the ongoing suitability of the portfolio and ensure it remains appropriate for your attitude to risk. You will be kept up to date with any changes to your portfolio and your Managers’ rationale behind them.

The advantage of this discretionary service is that the Fund Manager can react and make changes quickly without needing agreement from you; especially important if you are not contactable for any reason. In addition the Fund Manager can choose from almost any investment available in the world meaning you don’t have to research and find the right fund; it’s all done for you.

And having such a diverse range of investments at your disposal it means you can achieve above average returns with below average volatility.

You can see the ingredients of the current Models here.

How can you invest

iGuard is extremely versatile and fits with most kinds of investment vehicle:

Pension funds

Whether you have an existing fund and would like to encourage better growth in the underlying investments or whether you are trying to improve the performance of your existing pension iGuard, fits into most schemes seamlessly.

Offshore portfolio bonds

Offshore portfolio bonds can be a great way of improving your tax efficiency while you are abroad however the products themselves don’t necessarily attract growth. Within your bond you need to ensure you have a robust investment portfolio, driving growth in line with your expectations.

Whether you are opening a new, or already have an existing, portfolio bond, iGuard fits into most leading offshore and onshore plans.

General Investment Accounts

For those international investors seeking a very simple multi-currency investment solution to meet their risk appetite, iGuard can be accessed directly via our award winning platform based in jersey. With initial charges from as little as 2% it is an extremely cost effective solution to multi-currency investments.

Get in touch now to see if iGuard could fit into your financial plans.

Investor portal - Award Winning Technology

At Guardian Wealth Management we understand that as an international worker you may find yourself in the more remote parts of the world, without regular access to either your investments or your advisor.

It’s important to know that wherever you are today someone is looking after your tomorrow so together GWM and Praemium have designed for you, a fully interactive intuitive investment portal.

The technology that sits behind the investor portal is based on the same that drives some of the largest financial institutions in the world, from Merrill Lynch to the Royal bank of Scotland, yet tailored to the specific needs of international investors.

  • Check the value of your investments and assets at the touch of a button.
  • View the performance of your holdings from the very moment you open your account
  • Value your net worth in a huge range of international currencies
  • Designed for mobile devices, the intuitive interface allows you easy access to all of the information you need to understand your investments.

Our excitement in this platform is difficult to get across here! So please get in touch for a personal demonstration.

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iGuard Portfolios:

Actively managed multi-asset portfolios, focusing on providing steady, above-average returns with lower than average volatility. In other words, delivering superior investment performance with less of the peaks and troughs often associated with investing in funds that contain just one asset class.


iGuard Range of Model Portfolios:

Actively managed multi-asset portfolios, focusing on providing steady, above-average returns with lower than average volatility. In other words, delivering superior investment performance with less of the peaks and troughs often associated with investing in funds that contain just one asset class.

Download the Model Fact Sheets here:

Please refresh the pdf if viewing in your browser to ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date document.

Download a brochure now

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Talk to us

If you would like to see a demonstration of how iGuard could work for you please contact your

Regional Office or call our Global Helpline on +41 22 710 7864

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