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GWM USA offer a broad range of solutions that are delivered in two main categories – Wealth Building and Wealth Protection

We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each GWM USA client. Often, but not always, the overarching aim is to build a plan to achieve a perfect retirement. Depending on what stage of the financial planning process each client has reached will determine which solutions will be needed.

One investment vehicle... UK PENSION TRANSFER

Transferring your UK private pension isn’t a new choice, it is however, an option that is often not discussed between client and adviser. However, with transfer values continuing to increase, many expats are considering this option as they search for greater investment freedom.

By maximising your international employment status and consolidating your UK pensions into one investment vehicle, you can create a plan which allows you to draw income through retirement to suit your needs, potentially improve your tax efficiency and pass more on to your loved ones.

You are required by UK law to take qualified advice before any DB transfers above £30,000 can take place. Although with something as important as your retirement plans it could be argued that any transfer, regardless of size should only be completed after receiving advice.

By transferring your UK based pension scheme, you can regain control of your investments. As a result you can choose which currencies and locations to invest in and when to start drawing an income from your pension.

Transfer your cash... 401K ROLLOVER

A 401(k) plan is an employee sponsored pension scheme that allows members to defer a percentage of their income which typically remains tax free until its future withdrawal.

Such plans are often left behind when moving to a new company. If you choose to let your 401(k) remain dormant, you will no longer be able to add to this and naturally your previous employer’s contributions will cease too.

There are several more favourable options that should be considered such as a 401K rollover, this involves moving your

existing balance without incurring any tax or penalty payments to your new employees 401(k) scheme. You may also choose to transfer your cash into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) which can provide wider investment freedom and greater income flexibility during retirement.

GWM USA’s Registered Investment Advisers are on hand to provide independent advice to arm you with the facts required to ensure you choose the best solution for your circumstances.

Protect your future... WEALTH PROTECTION

Health and Wealth are the keys to happiness and with clear, easy to understand, tailor made financial advice, financial security for you and your family can be achieved. Embarking on a new career and life abroad in some of the most amazing places is undoubtedly a great opportunity and adventure for you and your family to reap extensive financial reward.

As an international worker, the risks you face are markedly different.

Emergency medical treatment doesn’t tend to come cheap and with little or no family support network around you, the importance of having relevant cover can’t be underestimated.

With a little careful planning now, GWM USA will work with you to formulate a solution to protect your future so you can concentrate on your new life – whilst we concentrate on managing it.

All the advice provided by GWM USA is provided through a registered investment adviser with clear and transparent charging structures, full disclosure and a variety of service level agreements to suit your individual circumstances. Reference to a registered investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

10,000 International clients worldwide benefit from our local knowledge.

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