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If you had a free afternoon where you could spend time doing something from back home, what would it be? Go for Fish and Chips? Afternoon tea? Maybe grab a pork pie and a pint down the pub? One thing is for sure, most of us wouldn't think to look up our old dormant pension.

You know that UK pension, the one that you keep saying you’re going to check on? The one you are going to contact your UK adviser about, but he’s heading home for the day before you’ve even had lunch?

If you worked in the UK for 10 years or more and hold a ‘Final Salary’ pension with a value in excess of £200,000, this is a must read for you

Our UK Company Pension specialists at GWM USA have complied a FREE e-guide which answers all the key questions Brits in the US have about their dormant UK pension.

Download it now to discover:

  • The value of your dormant pension
  • How living in the US affects your UK pension
  • Whether you can transfer your pension to USD
  • How to protect your investments from Brexit and other political uncertainty
  • Pass more on to loved ones
  • Consolidate your old UK pensions into one place
  • Draw income through retirement to suit your needs

Take the afternoon off on us

Modern life is stressful. An unexpected side effect of mobile technology is that switching off is harder than ever before, so why on earth would you want to spend your spare time negotiating automated telephone switchboards trying to locate your dormant or frozen pension back in the UK.

If you have downloaded our FREE UK pensions e-guide, put your feet up whilst GWM USA take care of tracing your dormant pensions and join us as we reminisce about what we miss the most about home.

  • Afternoon Tea - With proper tea, milk and sugar!
  • Fish and Chips - Soaked in salt and vinegar, with a plenty of bread and butter
  • Sense of Humour - It's just not the same anywhere else is it!
  • History - We've got a lot of it!
  • Heinz Baked Beans - And we meanz all 57 varieties!

The British Countryside - The patchwork quilt that is the fields back home!

Cadbury's Chocolate - Nothing else tastes the same!

The NHS -Without doubt, a wonder of the modern world!

Cricket and Football - The singing, the chanting, and not a shoulder pad in sight!

Pork Pies and real Sausages -

Should I transfer my pension?

In all honesty, it’s impossible for us to answer that question right now. And anyone who claims to be able to, should be approached with caution. The FCA’s official guidance states that you should always begin with the assumption that a transfer is not suitable. However, a regular review of your pension is vital to ensuring your remain on course to meet your investment goals.

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